Becoming Sheelagh

Archeology of Art

How do we read the symbolic language in the Sheelagh? 
What is the relationship between the sites of Sheelagh’s?

Myth and Language -


Anthropology of Art

Working with the personal archive of older lesbians to explore the relationships with their own grandmothers as part of The Grandmother Hypothesis 

Arts Council Agility Award 2021

The Symbolic Universe. 2023.

Participative Practice

Goda 2011 and Lilith from the same year were made from a participative work with 52 Irish lesbians. Each was asked to contribute a part of their body to be photographed. The collected photographs became a communal body.

Goda represents this aspect of the Sheelagh, one of sovereignty and alliance of power. She represents a collective culture and her making is culture making process. 

Lilith is made from a family bible dating from the 1700’s. I have traced my maternal Grandmothers back to 1702. 
‘The Grandmothers’  was a series of participative rituals dedicating our newly bought land to my matriarchal ancestors. 
This was part of the Arts Council Agility Award awarded in 2021.